Only FOUR WEEKS until Christmas. That’s right, 30 days. It doesn’t seem long and we all know with the hectic build up to the festivities it will be here in the blink of an eye. You have plenty of Christmas parties to attend, you want to be able to enjoy all the festive fun, food and beverages without guilt and look absolutely fabulous whilst doing so, right? But you still have a couple of pounds you want to lose and the thought of hitting the gym pre or post work whilst it’s reading negative numbers on the thermometer is just unbearable. So how are you going to manage?

Well wonder no longer and feel free to skip the gym, that’s right you heard correctly. Because we have an even better solution – outdoor fitness bootcamps full of high intensity training and lots of festive fun. Once again, you did hear us correctly – OUTDOOR festive fun, but before you click off and add another layer of clothing just thinking about it, hear us out. There are some amazing benefits to training outside in the cold that might just make you change up your fitness routine for the next four weeks.


1. You will burn more calories

That’s right, you can do the same amount of work but actually burn more energy. Not only do our bodies burn calories exercising but essentially whenever we do anything! We need energy to speak, stand, sleep, eat…absolutely anything we do we need energy to do it. So by heading out into the cold nights our bodies are working extra hard to stay warm, meaning that whatever you’re doing in the cosy gym will mean extra fat loss if you do it outside in the winter months! Our outdoor fitness bootcamp are already designed to help you burn more calories even once you have finished exercise, so why not take even more advantage and join in on these extra chilly nights?

2. You can actually improve your performance levels

Research from the Northern Arizona University found that after regularly training in the cold you can improve speed performance by 29%. This is thought to be down to the body training itself to utilise oxygen more efficiently. 

3. You’re more likely to be winter-bug free

Nothing can ruin the Christmas spirit quicker than suffering from the nasty colds and flus that seem to just be absolutely everywhere at the minute. Outdoor winter training has been said to reduce your risk of illness by up to 30% according to the May Foundation for Medical Education and Research, as it helps to boost your immune system.

4. You can laugh in the face of stress

Dr Clough from Hull University found that exposure to lower temperatures increases your mental strength allowing you to face stressful situations easier.

5. Your heart will thank you

In order to keep yourself warm alongside all other survival functions means your heart has to work harder to distribute blood throughout the body. By exercising in the cold you can train your heart to become stronger and more efficient.

6. You’ll thaw out the winter blues

Getting outside is key in winter to fight the affects of low mood as a result of Vitamin D deficiencies. Our main source of Vit D is of course sunlight. So getting outside even when it’s cold can boost your feel good hormones, helping you to feel happier for longer.

If you’re still not convinced then why not take advantage of our amazing Black Friday offer where you can book yourself into not one, but two of our fantastic outdoor bootcamps for just £5.00. You will have access to our trained fitness professional and like-minded individuals for a great, fun workout. Make sure you get in touch today to book your place.