We are delighted to announce that Global Health Promotions’ have made their media debut. Working closely with our client, Dolphin Drilling, for 8 weeks we have helped two teams of personnel to make fantastic changes to their lifestyles. The 21 employees managed to successfully reduce their body weight by 68kg, body fat percentage by 33% and collectively lost 26 inches from their waists. Their hard work and dedication to the Global Health Challenge means that they all are at lower risk of developing type II diabetes, cancers, CHD and generally have increased their quality of life. Alongside providing each participant with several personally tailored health related goals, Global Health Promotions provided educational and interactive workshops on a variety of key health issues; such as Healthy Eating, Diabetes Awareness, Alcohol Awareness and An Introduction to Stress.  Check out their progress in our article here:

Here at Global Health HQ we know that our health has a lot of factors to it, it’s not just about eating right and exercising well. By gaining a full education in all aspects of health you put yourself in a much better place to successfully change your life for the healthier and happier. If you are interested in participating in your very own Global Health Challenge and gaining fantastic results like that teams at Dolphin, then get in touch now!

Have a healthy and happy day everyone!