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Have you ever noticed that whenever you eat a certain food you start to feel unwell or fatigued or your skin actually breaks out? Have you been told you suffer from IBS or skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis? These symptoms and conditions as well as those depicted above are indications that you may have an intolerance to a certain food. You don’t need to fear your food any longer however, as Global Health Promotions are now the only company within Aberdeen to offer you a simple pin prick food intolerance analysis test in conjunction with an in-depth consultation with a Registered Dietitian.

Our test involves a simple finger prick test which we send to our registered UK Laboratory for analysis of up to 150 food ingredients. This test is an IgG test which looks at your response to particular foods.  This IgG response essentially means that when your body breaks up food, it produces proteins that pass through the digestive system. Sometimes these proteins are too big and our body attacks it, thinking it is an invader, causing intolerance symptoms.


Someone who has experienced the discomfort of food intolerance is Olympian and world marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe; who suffered from stomach cramps and fatigue that were so unbearable it was affecting her training. She was recommended to use the same food intolerance test that we use here at GHP by friends and fellow athletes. Before she knew it the test helped her identify that she was intolerant to egg, chicken, wheat, tomatoes and dairy.

“After I cut these foods out of my diet, I was able to run without doubling up in pain. I have a lot more energy and I am back to my normal self. It truly made such a difference to my life and I would recommend it to anyone else suffering from symptoms like these.“

As soon as Paula started to cut her trigger foods out of her diet she noticed a difference instantly and she was able to function normally again. Paula was able to continue training and her performance improved, going on to achieve the world record!

“I was back to my normal training regime in no time. The test made such a difference to my life because the test identified foods that my body had a bad reaction to and I was able to stop the symptoms before they reached the extreme level I experienced during the Athens Olympics.“

You may be surprised by the amount of symptoms that can be caused by food intolerance and treated by expertly created elimination diets. But the results speak for themselves, below we have the results of an independent customer survey conducted by Allergy UK (2007), carried out on 5,286 people:

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With our super simple blood test we can find out for you what may be causing your uncomfortable symptoms and provide you with expert dietetic advice in understanding your results. We will get your results 10 – 14 days post-test and our in-house dietitian will talk you through an elimination diet. This may sound undesirable to many but isn’t anything at all to worry about, in most cases just three months after eliminating a certain food you can reintroduce it to your diet and not experience any of the horrible symptoms you once did!

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