We would like to introduce our brand new weight loss initiative, Welcome Change, Welcome Life. We have gone down a different route unlike other conventional weight loss programmes and devised an initiative that will not only benefit you weight wise, but help create an improved quality of life.

WCWL incorporates food and exercise education, alongside cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). We help participants to recognise their own patterns of overeating, and provide them with the tools required to manage their weight successfully.

CBT has been proven to be an effective method to support weight loss by aiding healthy changes to your mindset. Weight loss programmes with the addition of CBT have also been said to provide decreases to blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels as well as improved  mood and health-related quality of life.

Recent scientific research suggests that weight loss programmes involving CBT, nutritional and activity advice in a group setting is proven to create healthier weight-losses and management of those losses than programmes that don’t.

By signing up to WCWL, you will open doors to your  very own registered dietitian, cognitive behavioural professional and gym instructor. With these 3 specialisms combined, you will be able to welcome change and welcome your new life.